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Jodie Silverman is a Manchester based Fine Artist. She gained a Ba hons in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking from Leeds University in 2003 where she specialized in figurative painting. Following her degree she worked as a prop maker and set dresser for the acclaimed animation company 'Cosgrove Hall Films' and as a Creative Practitioner facilitating a wide variety of workshops in the community. Her passion for the transformitive and healing capacity of creativity lead her to undertake an MA in Art Psychotherapy Practice which she completed in 2009. She has gone on to work therapeutically with both adults and children in a wide range of settings, as well as continuing to engage with community arts projects. 


In parallel she has continued to develop her creative practice which centers around figurative oil painting. She regularly works to commission and her work is held in private collections worldwide. 


Primarily my work is driven by an innate curiosity about the human condition and a desire to understand people. An introvert by nature, I value the opportunity to foster authentic connections on a meaningful level. I am interested in the development of empathy and how listening and understanding can be used as a tool for change both on a personal and societal level.


Portraiture is the perfect vehicle for this inquiry as it presents the opportunity to tell stories and invites profound connections. My work is often allegorical containing a unique symbolism and metaphorical language which pertains to the inner experience of the subject. This is arrived at through a collaborative process with the sitter and informed by my training as an Art Therapist.  

My influences are many and varied but I hold a special place in my heart for the work of Frida Kahlo, Paula Rego and Leonora Carrington. 

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Grit Studios, Canal Street, Stockport, SK1 3BZ

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